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Makin And Bakin Since 2019

Crystal’s Bi’chin Ki’chin is your go-to bakery for mouthwatering desserts. 

I make all my tasty treats gluten-free.

This is a home based business, all items are made fresh to order.

Baking With Heart 

Crystal Larkin

Hello! I’m Crystal, the owner of Crystal’s Bi’chin Ki’chin in Dayton, Nevada. Whether you’re looking for desserts for your next event or you're just craving something sweet, I have you covered. I make delicious and healthy baked goods such as cookies and cupcakes. Request a free quote or estimate now!

Feel free to contact me or browse my website for more information. I’m more than happy to accommodate your needs.

How My Business Started

Over many conversations with my husband, family, and friends, I have been told day in and day out that I am in the wrong business (I work for the State of Nevada as a Management Analyst 2) and that I need to own a Bakery. When my sister-in-law asked me to bake her their wedding cake, I decided it was time for me to get started. For 9 months I went through the process of trial and error making my very own recipes for vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and cake.

My family taste tested the ones that came out and I had so many flopped cakes, I almost gave up. A month before the wedding in September of 2019, I finally found it, I finally developed the perfect recipes for chocolate and vanilla. My first ever show casing was a three-tiered marble cake with chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. I knew in that moment I needed to make the dream a reality.

By December of 2019, I got my business license, and just as I was feeling comfortable launching my business and setting up an in-home shop, the whole country shut down in March of 2020. Now here I am, finally getting it together and starting my own business.


Get to Know Me More 

I have been baking since I was young. I was around 8 years old when I started dabbling in the kitchen with my mom as well as my grandmother who both inspired me to be a baker and taught me how. I started a tradition in 2009 making hundreds of cookies for cookie and goodie baskets for Christmas as gifts to close family and friends.

I am the one they have always gone to for baked goods at parties, get togethers, and other celebrations. Some of the family favorites are apple cobbler, lemon bars, of course cupcakes, and cookies. When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in October of 2019, it felt like a devastating blow to the business I wanted to start.

I felt defeated because how can a baker taste their own products if they cannot ingest gluten? Soon after, I decided to take up the challenge of coming up with the best tasting options for those like me that have-to-have gluten free. But I decided to not stop there! I wanted to delve into making delicious baked goods for not just those who are gluten free, but those who are vegan as well as those who are on the Keto diet.

Restrictions should not stop people from being able to indulge in delicious baked goods. I want to share my goods with anyone willing to taste them.

Mission Statement 

Serving and catering Dayton, NV, and the surrounding areas since 2019, providing delicious gluten free, vegan, or keto  to those that want something homemade and tasty!

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